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KOREA, B.1944
The small, minimalistic pieces of mulberry paper are Finally reborn through the act of adhering them on the canvas—creating a collision between information as well as deciding the moment of vanishment and death. The black spheres and the colorful pieces move in groups over the surface, making scars, creating movement, and depicting confrontations and conflicts. This irregularity and instability, as well as the overall sense of movement of the canvas, is a methodological approach of conveying my artistic imagination, one that I have wanted to express since I was young, and also my own serious way of reconciling myself with Abstract Expressionism, the movement in which I once was so deeply absorbed.
12-JA002 BLUE (131x163).jpg
12-JA002 BLUE (131x163).jpg
Chun Kwang Young

Aggregation 12-JA002 BLUE, 2012

21-SE124(60cm x 52cm).jpg
Chun Kwang Young

Aggregation 21-SE124, 2021

21-AP037(60CM X 53CM).jpg
Chun Kwang Young

Aggregation 21-AP037, 2021

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