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KOREA, B.1951

서용선은 그림의 원초성에 주목하고 있다. 그는 “인간이 세계와 만나는 방법으로 그림이 가장 오래되었다”고 확언한다. 인류학적으로 맞는 말일 것이다. 인류 최초의 기록이 그림이기 때문이다. 한편 그는 그림이란 “본 것을 생각하는 머릿속의 작용”이며, “상상해보는 것도 그림”이라고 정의한다. 그의 그림에 대한 견해는 우리말 ‘그리다’의 명사형 ‘그림’에 기반 한 것이기에 영어의 painting, drawing과는 차이가 있다. 그의 그림에 대한 정의를 정리하면 ‘인식하기 위해 하는 모든 행위가 그림 그리기’가 되는 것이다. 한마디로 그의 그림은 느낌을 표현한 것이 아니라 숙고한 것을 형상화 하는 것이다.

서용선에게 그림은 ‘세계와 만나는 방법’이기에 그의 그림을 통해 관객은 그가 어떻게 지금 여기를 인식하는 지 온전히 살펴볼 수 있다. 그는 현실에 굳건히 발을 디디고 서서 진선미에 대해 논하고 있는 것이다. 그러므로 그의 그림은 관념적이지 않다. 그는 존재하기에 저항하고 있다. 달리 말하면 그는 단순히 보고 듣는 것을 그리는 것이 아니라 적극적으로 보고 듣는 것으로부터 깨달은 것을 그림으로 드러내는 것이다. 어떤 그림은 완성하기까지 십 년이 걸린 것도 있다. 그의 집요함을 짐작할 수 있는 대목이다.

Suh Yongsun focuses on the basicness of drawing. He asserts that “drawing has been the oldest method for humans to face the world”. Anthropologically speaking, it is true. This is because the first human records are in paintings. Meanwhile, he defines pictures as “an action inside the head thinking about what has been witnessed”, and that “imagining can also be drawings”. His opinion on pictures puts basis on ‘drawing’, the noun form of ‘draw’ in Korean language, so there is a distinction between the English terms of painting and drawing. To clarify his definition, ‘all actions for perceiving, can be drawing’. In a word, his pictures are not what feelings are expressed, but what introspections are materialized.

For Suh, pictures are ‘a way to meet with the world’, so his audiences can clearly see how he cognizes this place at this moment through his works. He is discussing on truth, goodness and beauty as he stands firmly on the grounds of reality. Thereby, his paintings are not ideological. He resists as he exists. In other words, he simply does not draw what he sees and hears, but he is revealing what he has realized through active viewing and listening. Some paintings took him ten years until completion. This is the part where his persistence can be found.

IMG_5152 복사.jpg
Midtown Cafe,24x33.5cm,Acrylic on canvas, 2020,2023.jpeg

Suh Yongsun
Midtown Café, 2023

19-1214(01),Ⓕ34St.,Watercolor,Graphite on Paper,2019.jpg

Suh Yongsun
Broadway 14st., P18-1228, 2018


카페 Cafe,60x73 cm ,Acrylic on Canvas. 2020(A).jpg

Suh Yongsun
Cafe, 2017-2020


18-1209,Vienna-W.D.C,20x20.2cm,Graphite,Watercolor on Paper,2018(A).jpg

Suh Yongsun
Vienna-Washington D.C, 2018


19-1206, 약먹는 남자,84.5x51cm, Used blister pack, aluminum, coin battery  on paperbag, 2019,20

Suh Yongsun
A Man Taking Pill, 2019-2020


M.F.A., Seoul National University, Korea
B.F.A., Seoul National University, Korea


2023 Suh Yongsun, My Name is Red : Art Sonjae Center, Seoul

2023 Suh Yongsun, L’Umana Commedia : Space 138, Seoul

2023 Suh Yongsun, I see You : Jean Designart, Seoul

2022 Suh Yongsun - A Recollection_Pines : Gallery JJ, Seoul

2021 Suh Yongsun’s Mago, Searching for Goddess Mago in Our Minds :  Seoul Herstory House Yeodamjae, Seoul

2021 Suh Yongsun’s Self-Portrait : Gallery Hi, Busan, Korea

2021 Mago, The Myth : JNO Gallery, Seoul

2021 SuhYongsun’s Thoughts, Garugae Project  : Gallery JJ, Seoul

2021 Mancheopsanjoong (萬疊山中), SuhYongsun Painting : Yeoju Museum, Yeouju, Korea



2023 Landscape, The Place of Human : Muan Soungwoo Oh Museum of Art, Muan

2023 Illustrations in the encyclopedia of ghosts : Woljeon Museum of Art Icheon, Icheon

2023 Urban Reality : Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2023 Flowers in Purgatory : Yeosu Expo Convention Center Gallery, Yeosu

2023 Birth of a painting : Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Art Center,  Seoul

2022 Seanes of Memory : Doonamjae Art Center, Seoul

2022 The Birth of Painting : Art Center Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul

2022 Open Up ! Korea-China cilturtural Exchange Year, On Line Show

2022 GongGamYouSang共感流觞_ Commemorating The 30year Diplomatic Relationship between Korea and China, Contemporary Art Exchange : Guangzhou Academy of Fine     

Arts, Guangzhou, China

2022 The Moments We Ecounter : Suwon Museum of Art, Suwon, Korea

2022 Peace for Child : Seosomun Shrine History Museum, Seoul

2022 Hi Story. gif : Zaha Museum, Seoul

2022 Sympathy-Looking at Korean Contemporary Art, Commemorating The 30th 2022 Anniversary. of  Diplomatic Relations between Korea and China : Korean Cultural Center, Beijing, China

2022 Chung Jinguk Architecture and SuhYongsun, Park InHyuc Paintings : Topohouse, Seoul

2022 Minimalism-Maximalism-Mechanissmmm Act 1-Act 2 : Art Sonje Center, Seoul

2021 Pup-up Show -Through Moonlight Penetrates the River : Nangyero Royal Building, Seoul

2021 Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Halartec Cheoram Grigi : Taibaek Coal Museum, Taibaek / Mokpo Cultural Center, Mokpo, Korea

2021 Yeosu International Art Festival - Flowing refuses to stop : Yeosu Expo Convention. Center, Yeosu, Korea

2021 20 Artists’ Stories of the Korean Peninsula : Odusan Unification Tower Gallery, Paju, Korea

2021 The Promised land : The Great Collection, Seoul

2021 The Era and Individuality : Headen Museum, Incheon, Korea

2021 The Scenary We face, Our Daily Gaze : Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul

2021 Shinjayeon Art Monement, The Rhizomes Entangled with the Indra’s Net : Jeonbuk. Museum of Art, Wanju, Korea

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